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Ranjith Udawatta

Ranjith Udawatta, Ph.D.

Research Professor

Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-4347

The primary objective of my research is to quantify environmental benefits of agroforestry. Currently, I am conducting research on influences of agroforestry and grass buffer on water and soil quality. In addressing this issue I am examining how trees and grass buffers change surface and subsurface water quality by reducing runoff, nutrients and sediment when intercropped in rowcrop agriculture. Changes in soil physical properties, soil water dynamics, competition for resources, root length density, nutrient accumulation, and microclimate are being evaluated in an agroforestry alley cropping practice. Soil carbon sequestration, cattle grazing impact on water quality, and prairie restoration are some of the areas in which I have conducted research. Recently, I used X-ray computed tomography to quantify soil porosity, distribution of pores, pore connectivity, and tortuosity as influenced by agroforestry and grass buffers.

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Book Chapters

    • Udawatta, R.P., C.J. Gantzer, S. Jose. 2017. Agroforestry practices and soil ecosystem services. pp 305-334. In M.M. Al-Kaisi and B. Lowery (Eds.) Soil Health and Intensification of Agroecosytems. Elsevier AP, USA.
    • Udawatta et al., 2017 (invited contributor). Agroforestry and climate change: reducing threats and enhancing resiliency in agricultural landscapes. Haan, T., T. Patel-Weynand, M. Schoeneberger, and G. Bentrup (Eds.). USDA Forest Service. 63p. In Press
    • Udawatta, R.P., S.H. Anderson, C.J. Gantzer, and S. Assouline. 2013. Computed tomographic evaluation of earth materials with varying resolutions pp. 97-112 In S.H. Anderson and J.W. Hopmans (eds.) Soil-Water-Root Processes: Advances in Tomography and Imaging. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Special Pub. 61, Madison, WI.
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