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Gregory Ormsby Mori

Gregory Ormsby Mori

Outreach Coordinator
Center for Agroforestry

203 ABNR
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 884-2874

Areas of Interest:

  • Entrepreneurship and market development for non-timber forest products and agroforestry crops
  • Building regional learning networks around silvopasture and forest farming practices

Selected Publications

  • Ormsby Mori, G. Developing hybrid hazelnuts as a viable commercial crop for eastern North America: What will it take to make it work? Unpublished manuscript, Center for Agroforestry, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. In process.
  • Ormsby Mori, G., Gold, M., Jose, S. Specialty Crops in Temperate Agroforestry Systems: Sustainable Management, Marketing and Promotion for the Midwest Region of the U.S.A. In: Montagnini, F (ed.). Integrating landscapes: Agroforestry for biodiversity conservation and food sovereignty. Advances in Agroforestry Series, Springer, Dordrecht, the Netherlands. 2017.
  • Ormsby Mori, G, Johnson, B, Jose, S. Midwest. In: Chamberlain, J, Emery, M, Patel-Weyand, T. (ed.). Assessment of non-timber forest products in the United States under changing conditions. General Technical Report SRS-232, US Forest Service, Southern Research Station, 2018. 268p.
  • Barnes, S, Brucchaus, E, Kelly, J, Kulessa, M, Ormsby, G, Rahman, T, Silva, L. Sharing New Ground in Post-Conflict Situations: The Role of the UNDP in Support of Reintegration Programmes. United Nations Development Program, New York, 2000, 68pp.
  • Arata AA, Balderrama F, Bermudez H, Navin T, Ormsby G, Torrico F, Velarde R. Trabajo de la SNS CCH/Programa Piloto de Control de Chagas. La Paz, Bolivia, Ministerio del Desarollo Humano, Secretaria Nacional de Salud, 1994, 94p.
  • Lewis, S, Kaltofen, M, Ormsby, G. Border Trouble: Rivers in Peril, a Report on Water Pollution Due to Industrial Development in Northern Mexico. NTC Press, 1991, 35p.


  • Ormsby Mori, G. (May, 2019). Agroforestry promotion and development in Temperate North America: The work of the MU Center for Agroforestry Keynote speaker, 7o Seminario Internacional de la Red Agroforestal de Universidades de Colombia. Pasto, Colombia.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (June, 2018). Advances in Silvopasture Research in North America. Keynote speaker, 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Grazing, Florencia, Colombia.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (May, 2018). Specialty Crop Development for Temperate Agroforestry Systems in the American Midwest. 4th European Agroforestry Conference, EURAF. Nijmegen, Holland.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (January, 2018). Forest Farming and Mushroom Cultivation. Presentation at Great Plains Growers Conference, St. Joseph Missouri.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (October, 2017). International Experiences with Building Agroforestry Associations. Plenary presentation at inaugural meeting of RED-SAM, the Mexican National Network for Agroforestry Research, La Paz, Baja California, Mexico
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (October, 2017). Agroforestry for Sustainable Resource Management and Food Security. Session organizer and moderator for Cross Divisional Symposium, Alliance of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences (Tri-Societies) Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida..
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (June, 2017). Agroforestry Policy Development in North America. Session organizer and moderator, North American Agroforestry Conference, Blacksburg, VA.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (July, 2016). Agroforestry Training and Education Opportunities. Special seminar, National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) Annual Meeting, Little Rock, AR.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (November, 2015). The Agroforestry Academy: A Crash Course for Educating Natural Resource Professionals(and landowners too). Presentation at Society of American Foresters Annual Convention, Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (July, 2015). Silvopasture: An Agroforestry Practice. Presentation at Northern Nut Growers Association Annual Meeting, La Crosse, WI.
  • Ormsby Mori, G. (August, 2015). Growing and Marketing Elderberry. Presentation at Northeast Organic Farmers Association, Summer Conference, Amherst, MA.


  • M.S. Natural Resources 2019 - University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
  • Grad. Certificate Agroforestry 2013 - University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
  • M.P.H. Health Education 1993 - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • B.A. Anthropology (Art) 1990 - University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
  • Certificate Sustainable Agriculture 1985 - University of California, Davis, CA


  • Board of Directors, Association for Temperate Agroforestry, (2015- present)
  • Advisory Council, Deaton Institute, (2016 - present)
  • Mentor, Society of American Foresters Diversity Ambassadors Program, (2017)
  • Mentor, Missouri Youth Institute, (2015-2019)
  • Founder/Charter Committee, International Union for Agroforestry (2014)
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