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Harley Naumann

Harley Naumann, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Forage Physiology, Division of Plant Sciences
Plant Sciences, MU Extension

116 Waters Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

B.S., Animal Science, Tarleton State University
M.S., Biology, Tarleton State University
Ph.D., Agronomy, Texas A&M University

Description: Harley Naumann has a research/teaching appointment in forage physiology. His research focuses on understanding the critical physiological components of warm and cool-season forages that lead to improved forage-livestock production systems. In particular, he is interested in the production of biologically active polyphenol-based forage plant secondary metabolites and their role in plant-animal interactions. Harley’s research program also expands into the areas of forage ecology, ruminant nutrition, and cellulosic bioenergy production.

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