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David Larsen

David Larsen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Department Chair
Department of Forestry

203 ABNR, Forestry
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-4775


  • Oliver, C.D., D.R. Berg, D.R. Larsen, and K.L. O'Hara. 1991. Integrating management tools, ecological knowledge, and silviculture. "New Perspectives for Watershed Management: Balancing Long-Term Sustainability with Cumulative Environmental Change". Edited by R . Nieman, Symposium at the Center for Streamside Studies, College of Forest Resources AR-10, University of Washington.
  • Dwyer, J. P., D. Wallace and D. R. Larsen. 1997. Implications of woody river corridors in levee protection along the Missouri River. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 33(2) 481:489.
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