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Jason Hubbart

Jason A. Hubbart, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Forest Hydrology & Water Quality

203-Q Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-7242

Research interests include: water supply regimes (quantity, timing); water quality disturbance mechanisms; best management practices (BMP’s); environmental biophysics and ecohydrology; hydrologic scaling, modeling, and climate change.Landscape ecology, geographic information system and ecological modeling.

Selected Publications

  • Hubbart, J.A. 2010. Water Resources Education: Preparing the Next Generation of Water Resource Professionals. Special edition, Water Resources Impact, 12(6):13-15.
  • Hubbart, J.A., and G.W. Freeman. 2010. Sediment Laser Diffraction: A New Approach to an Old Problem in the Central U.S. Stormwater Journal, 11(7):36-44.
  • Hubbart, J.A., J. Holmes, and G. Bowman. 2010. Integrating Science Based Decision Making and TMDL Allocations in Urbanizing Watersheds. The Watershed Science Bulletin, 01:19-24.
  • Hubbart, J.A. and J.R. Jones. 2009. Flooding and Inland Waters. In: The Encyclopedia of Inland Waters. (Gene E. Likens, Editor). Oxford: Elsevier, 3:88-91.
  • Koeniger, P., J.A. Hubbart, T.E. Link, and J.D. Marshall. 2008. Isotopic Variation of Snowcover and Streamflow in Response to Changes in Canopy Structure in a Snow-Dominated Mountain Catchment. Hydrological Processes, 22(4):557-566.
  • Hubbart, J.A. 2007. Measuring and Modeling Hydrologic Responses to Timber Harvest in a Continental/Maritime Mountainous Environment. PhD Thesis, Department of Forest Resources, University of Idaho, Moscow, 170 pp.
  • Hubbart, J.A., K.L. Kavanagh, R. Pangle, T.E. Link, and A. Schotzko. 2007. Cold air drainage and modeled nocturnal leaf water potential in complex forested terrain. Tree Physiology, 27:631-639.
  • Hubbart, J.A., T.E. Link, J.A. Gravelle, and W.J. Elliot. 2007. Timber Harvest Impacts on Hydrologic Yield in the Continental/Maritime Hydroclimatic Region of the U.S. In: Special Issue on Headwater Forest Streams, Forest Science, 53(2):169-180.
  • Karwan, D.L., J.A. Gravelle, and J.A. Hubbart. 2007. Effects of Timber Harvest on Suspended Sediment Loads in Mica Creek, Idaho. In: Special Issue on Headwater Forest Streams, Forest Science, 53(2):181-188.
  • Hubbart, J.A., T.E. Link, C. Campbell, and D. Cobos. 2005. An evaluation of a low-cost temperature measurement system. Hydrologic Processes, 19:1517-1523.
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