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Jimmy Houx

Jimmy Houx, Ph.D.

Research Specialist
Division of Plant Sciences

1-31 Agriculture Building
Columbia, MO 65211
(660) 864-8259

Jimmy received an M.S. Forestry from the University of Missouri in 2001 and currently works with Dr. Robert McGraw in the Department of Agronomy. Primary activities include project management and data collection on research ranging from native plants suitable for silvopasture to flood tolerance of herbaceous species. Principle research interests revolve around tall fescue and its influence on tree species suitable for silvopasture and developing prescriptions for establishing silvopasture practices.


  • Houx , J.H. III and R.L. McGraw. 2006. Biomass yield of three-year oldblack locust as affected by grass species and managementtreatments. American Society of Agronomy Abstracts. Nov. 12-16, 2006,Indianapolis, IN. 2006 CD-ROM.
  • McGraw, R.L. and J. H. Houx III. 2006. Flood tolerance of herbaceousgrasses and legumes. American Society of Agronomy Abstracts. Nov.12-16, 2006, Indianapolis, IN. 2006 CD-ROM.
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