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Michael Borucke

Michael Borucke

Graduate Researcher
PhD Candidate in Natural Resources
Emphasis Area Forestry

203G Anheuser Busch Natural Resources Bldg
Columbia, MO 65211
(617) 888-5063

Michael's research as a graduate student involves modeling the interactions between trees, crops and animals integrated in agroforestry systems in three dimensional space. Interactions include competition for below ground water and nutrients, above ground sunlight, and forage quality under shade. Also interested in modeling carbon allocation within trees and nut production of Juglans nigra.


  • Weinzettel, Jan, et al. "Ecological footprint of nations: Comparison of process analysis, and standard and hybrid multiregional input-output analysis" Ecological Economics 101 (2014): 115-126.
  • Borucke, Michael, et al. "Accounting for demand and supply of the biosphere's regenerative capacity: The National Footprint Accounts' underlying methodology and framework." Ecological Indicators 24 (2013): 518-533.
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