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Francisco Aguilar

Francisco Aguilar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Forestry

203 ABNR
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-6304

Selected Publications

  • Cernusca MM, Aguilar FX and Gold MA. 2011. Post-purchase evaluation of U.S. consumers’ preferences for chestnuts.Agroforestry Syste ms.DOI 10.1007/s10457-011-9462-8.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Song, N.*, and S. Shifley. 2011. Consumption Trends and Public Policies Promoting Woody Biomass as an Energy Feedstock in the U.S. Biomass & Bioenergy. 35: 3708-3718.
  • Aguilar, F.X. and A. Saunders*. 2011. Attitudes Toward Policy Instruments Promoting Wood-For-Energy Uses in the United States. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry. 35(2):73-79.
  • Aguilar, F.X. and Z. Cai*. 2010. Exploratory Analysis of Renewable Energy Private Investment Opportunities in the U.S. Energy Economics. 32(6):1245-1252.
  • Aguilar, F.X. and A. Saunders*. 2010. Policy Instruments Promoting Wood for Energy Uses: Evidence from the Continental U.S. Journal of Forestry. 108(3):132-140.
  • Aguilar, F.X., M.M. Cernusca, M.A. Gold, and C.E. Barbieri. 2010. Frequency of consumption, familiarity and preferences for chestnuts in Missouri. Agroforestry Systems 79(1):19-29.
  • Aguilar, F.X. and H.E. Garrett. 2009. Perspectives of Woody Biomass for Energy: Survey of State Foresters, State Energy Biomass Contacts, and National Council of Forestry Association Executives. Journal of Forestry. 107(6): 297-306.
  • Aguilar, F.X. 2009. Potential for Private Investments in Wood-Based Energy Initiatives in the U.S. Energy Policy. 37(6): 2292–2299.
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